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We are committed to providing you with very best customer service – whether at our resorts or via our website. With that in mind, we are taking immediate steps to add even more advanced updates to our website, and this requires that all members re-register. Please fill out the registration form completely. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding!

None of the information contained in the pages of the website constitutes an offer of, or an invitation to purchase, any security, nor any investment advice or services. These materials are provided for informational purposes only.


There is unfortunately an unprecedented industry-wide scam problem commonly referred as “rescue” companies, in which individuals on behalf of these sham companies and/or a fake buyer falsely promise to buy your membership and use information about your membership obtained from the internet (or from members themselves who actually provide their membership documents to these individuals/companies) along with deceit, half-truths and lies about the Club to lure unsuspecting and trusting Members into fraudulent membership transfers.

As advised in our prior notifications it has come to our attention that several of our members have received an unsolicited call/email from the following illegitimate companies with an improper “offer” to buy your membership, collect payments and/or falsely indicating affiliation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, Inc. (the “Club”): Realty Centre LTD; Exotic Haven; Maracuya Events and Getaways; First Referral Network; HVC Highlands, Bear Claw Travel, Experience Professional Business Services, Premium Marketing Dept, Real Estate Hotel, Inc., Planet Group, Inc., etc.

Please note that the foregoing list of names is not the only false companies that may try and contact you as they are constantly changing their names, phone numbers and locations to avoid governmental punishment.

LHVC would also like to remind our members that we are no longer affiliated with Lifestyle Rewards/Vacancy Rewards and have not utilized their products or services for many years. This is not an approved LHVC partner or affiliate.

In an effort to combat these kinds of misleading emails we are now taking the step to move ALL club related payments of any kind “ONLINE” using or through our accounts app GOOGLE PLAY or APPLE STORE this means you will be required to register and enter a USERNAME and PASSWORD that is KNOWN ONLY TO YOU in order to make a secure payment to us.

Any emails you receive with forms attached soliciting payments of any kind should be sent IMMEDIATLEY to so we can ascertain the authenticity of said email and validate the email address it was sent from.

Please note that we are working with various government officials and our lawyers to prevent these “companies” from improperly contacting our Members for fraudulent purposes. As our member are our greatest asset, we are putting our full resources behind these efforts. If you ever get contacted by any of these companies, we recommend that you cease all contact with these companies and DO NOT provide them with any personal or membership information, including your credit card or debit card, nor should you pay them any money. As always, should you have any concerns, questions (including dispelling any rumors or false stories about the health and vitality of the Club) or if you should get contacted by one of these sham companies, please immediately contact the Club at

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